Privacy Policy

  1. I will never publish your personal email address on my site, unless you explicitly ask me to do so.
  2. I will never send you any unsolicited communications, except in connection with information that you have provided, or information that you may be able to provide, that is relevant to this site.
  3. These people and organizations receive copies of data submitted via the Brewery Update form, which may include your name and email address. They have agreed to abide by these same rules.
    1. Jonathan Surratt,
    2. Erin Glass, Membership Coordinator & Brewery Detective, Brewers Association
  4. Other than that, I will not accord, administer, allow, ante up, award, bequeath, bestow, cede, commit, confer, consign, convey, deed, deliver, dish out, dispense, dole out, donate, endow, entrust, fork over, furnish, gift, give, grant, hand, hand over, heap upon, lavish upon, lay upon, lease, let have, parcel out, part with, pass down, pass out, permit, pony up, present, provide, relinquish, remit, sell, shell out, subsidize, supply, throw in, tip, transfer, transmit, turn over, vouchsafe, or will your personal information to anyone who does not agree to these rules.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

have fun
Richard Stueven