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Rheingold Brewing Company
(Drinks Americas Holding)
Not open to the public (as far as I know)
372 Danbury Road
Suite 163
Wilton CT 06897
Telephone: +1 203-762-7000
Brewer: FX Matt Brewing Company, Utica NY
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Opened: 1998

Contributor: Jacob Sjúrður Hansen

Jacob Sjúrður Hansen details Rheingold's history:

The Liebman Brewery (1855-1976) in N.Y. City brought the Rheingold brand on the market in 1883. Rheingold was the most requested beer in the N.Y.C. area from the 1930s-1960s.In 1963 the brewery was bought by the Pepsi Corporation. The brewery went out of business in 1976 and Pepsi sold the brand name to Stroh Brewing. Todays president of Rheingold Brewing leased the rights of the Rheingold Beer brand from Stroh Brewing in 1996. In September 1997 he joined with an original Liebman family member to establish the Rheingold Brewing Company. Rheingold Beer is brewed on license at F.X. Matt Brewing Co. in Utica, N.Y. since 1998. Since 2004 a small part of Rheingold Beer has been brewed at the Green Point Beer Works in Brooklyn. In July 2005 Drinks Americas Holding bought the rights to the Rheingold Beer brand.

The new (2011) 24-ounce cans say that it's brewed in Tecate, Mexico, and that it's 12.5% abv.

Updated: June 28, 2011


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