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Browary Brok
(Van Pur Łomża Browary)
Not open to the public (as far as I know)
Spółdzielcza 8
PL-79-950 Koszalin
Brewer: Jaroslaw Wolski


Opened: 1874

Contributors: Artur, Jacob Sjúrður Hansen

Jacob Sjúrdur Hansen provides this history:

Brok, located in Koszalin between Stettin and Gdansk in northern Poland, is a regionally-based brewery with national distribution of three brands. Brewing began in 1874. Brok Sambor Export is the brewery's national beer brand. In 1990, the brewery became the first in Poland to be privatised. In 2002, Brok Brewery merged with Strzelec Brewery (situated in the Krakow area) to form Browary Polskie Brok-Strzelec, which was acquired by Royal Unibrew in spring 2005 to form Polskie Brok-Strzelec. The breweris are also known as Koszalinskie Zaklady Piwowarskie Brok-Strzelec.

Updated: December 29, 2010

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