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Schwarzer Adler Eichhorn Brauerei
Bar/Tasting RoomRestaurant
Dörfleinser Straße 42
D-96103 Hallstadt
Telephone: +49 (0)951 / 75660
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00am-7:00pm.
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Updated: March 23, 2009

Beer List

  • 7.30% abv.
    • Date: March 23, 2009 (#7727)
      Package: bottled
      Score: 19 points
      Appearance (3)
      Deep yellow. Translucent. Moderate head.
      Aroma (4)
      Fresh bread dough. Fantastic fresh malt.
      Mouthfeel (9)
      Big and smooth and malty and yeasty. Just a hint of alcohol. Really smooth and toasty-malty.
      Overall Impression (3)
      Very very good beer.