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Abbaye de Leffe
Place de l'Abbaye
B-5500 Dinant


Opened: 1239

Closed: 1977

Contributor: jarobb

Formerly an abbey brewery, established "anno 1240", Leffe beers are produced by Anheuser-Busch InBev Leuven, and at De Kluis in Hoegaarden. The bottles read "Brewed by InBev for Leffe".

Updated: January 6, 2018

Beer List

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    6.50% abv.
    • Date: June 8, 2010 (#8244)
      Package: bottled
      Place: Hy-Vee Midtown, Omaha NE
      Score: 18½ points
      Appearance (3)
      Bright golden. Moderate head.
      Aroma (3½)
      Sweet and malty. Fruity, banana. Bready.
      Mouthfeel (9)
      Medium-big body, fairly fizzy. Sweetly malty, bready, fruity. Bananas and a hint of orange. Clean bready finish.
      Overall Impression (3)
    • Date: May 6, 1996 (#1445)
      Package: bottled
      Place: Kamuela Liquor Store, Kamuela HI
      Score: 15 points
      Overall Impression (2½)
      Golden, moderate carbonation, big head. Some mercaptan odor, some malt. Big body, some bitterness. Good flavors.
    • Date: September 27, 1995 (#1210)
      Package: draught
      Place: The HopYard, Pleasanton CA
      Score: 13 points
      Overall Impression (2½)
      Golden, moderate carbonation, good head. Grassy aroma, honey? Grassy flavor, some malt. Definite honey character.

    • Date: April 15, 2005 (#5684)
      Package: draught
      Place: Abbaye, Philadelphia PA
      Score: 18 points
      Appearance (3)
      Bright red-brown. Thick head.
      Aroma (3)
      Very mildly roasty.
      Mouthfeel (9)
      Big creamy body. Sweet and malty and toasty and raisiny. Big malty raisiny finish.
      Overall Impression (3)