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Scotch Irish Brewing
866 Campbell Avenue
Ottawa ON K2A 2C5


Opened: 1998

Contributors: Ron Moir, Donna Warner, John McKenzie, Perry Mason

Updated: October 29, 2012

Beer List

    • Date: March 1, 2002 (#4255)
      Package: real ale
      Place: Real Ale Festival, Chicago IL
      Score: 16½ points
      Overall Impression (3½)
      Black, low head. Rich dark chocolate aroma and lots of roast. Light body and downright burnt. Very drying on the tongue. Reminds me of Anchor Porter from about twelve years ago.

  • 5.30% abv.

  • 6.70% abv.

  • 5.50% abv.

  • 3.70% abv.