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Agassiz Brewing
PO Box 42008
Winnipeg MB R3J 3X7


Opened: 1999

Contributors: Jim Forcand, Mike Paulus

Formerly a microbrewery.

Updated: February 21, 2008

Beer List

  • 4.80% abv.

  • 5.00% abv.
    • Date: July 6, 2000 (#3475)
      Package: bottled
      Place: World Beer Cup 2000, Milwaukee WI
      Score: 15½ points
      Overall Impression (3)
      Golden-amber, high carbonation, thick head. Biscuity malt aroma. Light body, big sweet toasty malt flavor, clean finish.

  • 5.00% abv.

  • 4.80% abv.