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Grebbestad Bryggeri
Not open to the public (as far as I know)
Strandvägen 1
S-457 02 Grebbestad
Telephone: +46 (0) 525 610 60
Brewer: Robert Bush
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Opened: 1995

Annual Production: 4,000 hl

Contributors: Johan Nydewall, Jan Cederlund

Prippklubbens Starkpilsner is brewed in association with Prippklubben i Göteborg, a group of 200 former Pripps employees. Johan Nydewall tells the story:

Pripps was the oldest brewery-company in Scandinavia before Carlsberg closed down the Gothenburg facility in the spring 2002. Why it happened? You can speculate yourself to an early death without finding the answer.

I believe the Pripps brands are the key. Carlsberg themselves have never been big on the Swedish market because of Pripps, and when they got control through ownership, why miss the chance to erase Pripps from the market. Today are the only remaining Pripps brands – Pripps Blå (Blue) and Carnegie Porter.

However, 174 years of brewery tradition was broken (1828).

Already in 2001 when we knew what was going to happen, we decided to start an association or club for former workers at Pripps Gothenburg to keep the brewing tradition and the special Pripps spirit alive.

In May 2002 Prippklubben i Göteborg (The Prippclub in Gothenburg) was formed, ready to pick up the red thread from 1828. Today we are about 200 members doing a lot of things together such as sports, fishing and family activities, but everything revolves around beer and the Pripps tradition. Of course, the big dream for all of us is to start a microbrewery and start producing our own beer with the knowledge from the days at Pripps.

Today we have been taking a big step in that direction, we have produced our own beer, not at our own microbrewery but together with a small Swedish brewery; Grebbestads Bryggeri.

Grebbestad is known for their fine tasting beers and together we have made a superb beer.

Prippklubben has been involved in the whole process from grain to bottle and the recipe is written by us.

Today you can buy Prippklubbens Starkpilsner in the liquor stores (May 2005).

Hopefully Johan Albrecht Pripp is laughing in his grave knowing that the tradition is living on.

Updated: October 5, 2014

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