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Opened: 1969

Annual Production: 5,000 hl

Contributors: Jacob Sjúrður Hansen, Joerg Thomas, Micha Renard

Jacob Sjúrður Hansen writes:

In 1997 the BGI company of Groupe Castel (France) took over the two biggest breweries in Ajerbaijan in Gandja (2nd biggest city) and Baku (capital) and established a joint venture with Baki-Pive (Azerbaijan). The brewery in Gandja was closed and from 1997 – 1999 the the old Soviet Khirdalan Beer Plant from 1972, situated in the north-west limits of Baku, was renowated to be a modern brewery. On October 16th 2000 the brewery reopened under the name Baki –Castel, which today has 200 employees and covers 60% of beer production market in Azerbaijan. BGI stands for Brasseries et Glacieres Internacionales (International Breweries and Ice-boxes). It was founded in Vietnam over 100 years ago and is today the national brewery of Vietnam. Besides Azerbaijan, BGI is also present in 16 countries on the African continent where it runs 45 industrial sites. The main brand of BGI is “33” Export.

Updated: September 23, 2012

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