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Mohrenbrauerei August Huber
Not open to the public (as far as I know)
Doktor-Waibel-Straße 2
A-6850 Dornbirn
Telephone: +43 (0) 5572 / 37 77-0
Brewer: Ralf Freitag, Michael David
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Opened: 1784

Annual Production: 200,000 hl

Contributors: Mario Kornmesser, Richard R Tinurelli

Updated: December 15, 2021

Beer List

  • 7.00% abv.

  • 5.00% abv.

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    4.30% abv.
    • Date: October 13, 2006 (#6154)
      Package: bottled
      Place: Gasthaus Bierlokal, Dornbirn, Austria
      Score: 20 points
      Appearance (3)
      Deep bright red. Thick dense head.
      Aroma (4)
      Peppery, raisiny, malty. Nicely complex aroma.
      Mouthfeel (10)
      Medium body, fairly fizzy. Real smooth melanoidin malt character, dark, raisiny, a bit sweet with dark caramel and brown sugar. "Darker" in flavor than most German Dunkles that I've tasted...which seems to be a Good Thing.
      Overall Impression (3)
      Ranks right up there with Löwenbräu München Dunkel...even better.

  • 3.70% abv.

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    5.70% abv.
    • Date: October 13, 2006 (#6153)
      Package: draught
      Place: Gasthaus Bierlokal, Dornbirn, Austria
      Score: 16 points
      Appearance (3)
      Red-golden, translucent. Dense head.
      Aroma (3)
      Grainy, spicy, a bit bready.
      Mouthfeel (8)
      Medium-light body, really fizzy. Chewy maltiness. Some sulfury yeast character. Hint of caramel. Malty, yeasty finish, with just a bit of bitterness.
      Overall Impression (2)

  • European-Style Low-Alcohol Lager / German-Style Leicht(bier)
    3.30% abv.

  • American-Style Pale Ale
    5.50% abv.

  • Dortmunder/European-Style Export
    5.60% abv.
    • Date: October 12, 2006 (#6143)
      Package: draught
      Place: Austria Lustenau Cafe, Lustenau, Austria
      Score: 19 points
      Appearance (3)
      Bright golden. Dense head.
      Aroma (3)
      Sweetish, mildly grainy malt.
      Mouthfeel (10)
      Light-medium body, fizzy. Real nice fairly bitter noble hop character with a real nice maltiness underneath.
      Overall Impression (3)
      Real Good Beer.

  • German-Style Märzen/Oktoberfest
    4.90% abv.

  • German-Style Pilsener
    4.80% abv.