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Live Oak Brewing
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1615 Crozier Lane

Del Valle TX 78617
Telephone: +1 512-385-2299
Hours: Monday-Friday 2-8pm, Saturday noon-8pm, Sunday noon-6pm
Brewer: Chip McElroy, Brian Peters
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Opened: 1996

Annual Production: 1,500 bbl

Contributors: Siegfried Binge, Ralph Wells, Richard R Tinurelli, Weslie Odom

Formerly In Austin, TX

Updated: January 14, 2020

Beer List

    • Date: October 7, 2000 (#3720)
      Package: draught
      Score: 14½ points
      Overall Impression (3)
      Amber, good head. Malty, toasty aroma. Medium body, sweet.

  • Awards:

  • 8.00% abv.