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Latrobe Brewing
(City Brewery)
119 Jefferson Street
PO Box 350
Latrobe PA 15650


Opened: 1939

Closed: 2006

Annual Production: 1,200,000 bbl

Anheuser-Busch purchased the Rolling Rock brand from InBev for $82,000,000 in May 2006. The deal does not include the Latrobe Brewing Company, which InBev intends to sell separately, according to a Brandweek report. City Brewery of La Crosse WI intends to produce their beer under contract at Latrobe starting in January 2007; in the meantime, with nothing for the plant to do, the brewery was shut down in July 2006.

City Brewery did eventually buy this plant, and in May 2007, Boston Beer Company contracted with them to brew 250,000 barrels of their Samuel Adams beers here. Boston Beer Company may eventually take an ownership stake in this plant.

Updated: May 4, 2014

Beer List

  • Awards:
    • Date: September 27, 1996 (#1686)
      Package: draught
      Score: 11 points
      Overall Impression (2)
      Brown. Slightly toasty. Toasty, phenolic flavors.

  • Awards:
    • Date: March 27, 1999 (#3224)
      Package: bottled
      Place: 1st Wines and Spirits, Allouez WI
      Score: 12 points
      Overall Impression (2½)
      Pale golden, very high carbonation, moderate head. Smells of DMS, sweet malt. Very light body, very fizzy, fairly sweet, moderate corn flavor especially in finish.