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Kirin Brewery Company
Not open to the public (as far as I know)
6-26-1 Jingumae
Tokyo 150
Telephone: +81 (0) 3 5485-6170


Opened: 1869

Contributor: Jacob Sjúrður Hansen

Japan's biggest brewer contracts with Molson Breweries of Canada for North American production. Michael Jackson sings the praises of Kirin's Altbier, Black Beer, and Stout in his New World Guide.

Jacob Sjúrður Hansen writes:

Kirin had the majority of the beer market for decades with more than 60% until the start of “The Great Beer Wars” in 1988 when Asahi and Sapporo started their massive beer campaigns to gain more market shares. Since 1998 Kirin has been the second biggest brewer next to Asahi. Kirin has close relations to the Mitsubishi Bank Corporation.

Updated: February 12, 2021


Beer List

    • Date: June 9, 1996 (#1513)
      Package: bottled
      Place: Su's Thai Kitchen, Kamuela HI
      Score: 14½ points
      Overall Impression (3)
      Golden, moderate carbonation, good head. Spicy-floral hops, slightly sweet aroma. A bit thin, sweet, fizzy. Malty balance.

  • 5.50% abv.

  • 5.00% abv.