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Bass Ireland Limited — Ulster Brewery
Glen Road
Belfast BT11 8BY
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Opened: 1897

Closed: 2005

Annual Production: 750,000 bbl

Contributor: Gavan McGibbon

Michael McCourt passes along the history of this brewery:

The Ulster Brewery was founded in 1897 by Thomas R. Caffrey, and is the last brewery in Northern Ireland. The Caffreys owned it until 1950, when it was sold to a consortium of Ulster Licensed Vinters, United Breweries bought it in 1960 and finally it was taken over by Bass in 1974. Now it brews Caffrey's Ale for home and abroad and other Bass products for the NI market.

Richard R Tinurelli adds:

Draught Bass (4.4% ABV) has been brewed under contract in Burton by Marston's for AB-InBev since 2005. Bottled and keg products are brewed at AB-InBev's own brewery in Samlesbury for export, except in the United States and Belgium, where Bass is brewed locally.[8] Bass Ale is a top ten premium canned ale in the UK, with 16,080 hectolitres sold in 2010.

According to BEERWeek (12 July 2004), Interbrew is looking for a buyer for this brewery, and will close the plant if a buyer can't be found.

Updated: May 27, 2013

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