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Cervejaria Ideal
Bar/Tasting RoomBeer GardenRestaurantToursInternet Access
Rua Ministro Ferreira Alves 203
São Paulo
Telephone: +55 11 99882 9337
Hours: Monday-Friday 6:00pm-1:30am, Saturday noon-1:30am.
Brewer: Vitor Palma Ribeiro
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Opened: 2014

Contributor: D. J. Hack

Contributor D.J. Hack poses the question:

The pub has its own brand of beer, brewed to Vitor's recipe by Mea Culpa in Cotia. The pub has a brewery - a small 20L affair - in which people can take a beermaking course and make their own beer to take home (or drink there). Due to certain legalities, they cannot sell beer made there to the general public. Does it qualify as a brewpub if they don't sell the beer they make there, but sell beer made elsewhere for them?

Updated: April 6, 2015