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Laughing Monk Brewing and Gastropub
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1235 Oakmead Parkway
Sunnyvale CA 94085
Telephone: +1 408-736-2739
Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am-9:30pm, Saturday 5:00pm-10:30pm.
Brewer: Peter Catizone

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Visited: March 29, 2007

Opened: 1994

Contributors: Diane Crawford, Siegfried Binge

Originally Faultline Brewing until November 2023.

Trendy-looking place, rather mediocre beers last time I was there. Of course, last time I was there — December 1994, about three weeks after they opened — they still hadn't got their brewery operating, so they were contracting with another brewery to produce their beers. That's no longer the case, and here's an excerpt from a message I got from Faultline owner Mark A. Perry:

Faultline Brewing is now providing its customers with 5 standard beers and up to 3 seasonal beers at any given time. 5 standard beers are, Golden Ale, Pale Ale, Irish Stout, FBC Best Bitter, and an unfiltered Hefe Weizen (wheat beer)3 seasonals now on tap are Old Battle-Axe Barley Wine, India Pale Ale (IPA)(sporadically throughout the year) and a new Brown Ale arriving in a couple days.

I visited again some twelve years later, and their beers are indeed much better than they were in those early days!

Directions: 101 to Lawrence Expressway South. Left at the first light (Oakmead). Faultline is one block along on the left.

Updated: December 3, 2023


Beer List

    • Date: December 28, 1994 (#677)
      Package: draught
      Place: at the brewery
      Score: 14 points
      Overall Impression (2½)
      Pale amber. Spicy hop nose. Much the same as Golden but bigger.

  • 5.50% abv.

    • Date: March 29, 2007 (#6416)
      Package: draught
      Place: at the brewery
      Score: 15 points
      Appearance (3)
      Bright golden-amber. Dense head.
      Aroma (2½)
      Clean. Very mild caramel.
      Mouthfeel (8)
      Medium-big body, low carbonation. Real smooth and a bit warming. Lots of caramel. Some banana. Clean finish.
      Overall Impression (1½)

  • Belgian-Style Tripel
    • Date: March 29, 2007 (#6417)
      Package: draught
      Place: at the brewery
      Score: 15½ points
      Appearance (3)
      Golden. Some haze. Moderate head.
      Aroma (2½)
      Very mild fruitiness, very mild malt.
      Mouthfeel (8)
      Big smooth body. Low carbonation. Lots of clean sweet malt. Lots of fruity esters with a fair bit of banana. Very mildly warming. Sweet fruity finish.
      Overall Impression (2)

  • Belgian Style White (or Wit) / Belgian-Style Wheat
    5.50% abv.

  • (Special) Best Bitter
    • Date: March 29, 2007 (#6412)
      Package: nitrogenated
      Place: at the brewery
      Score: 17 points
      Appearance (3)
      Bright amber. Thick dense head.
      Aroma (3)
      Mildly toasty, even more mildly earthy.
      Mouthfeel (9)
      Light body, nitro-smooth. Sweet toasty caramel malt flavor. Very mild fruity hop flavor, low bitterness. Dry finish.
      Overall Impression (2)

  • American-Style Pale Ale

  • Faultline Hefe Weizen
    South German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier
    5.20% abv.

  • Faultline India Pale Ale (IPA)
    American-Style India Pale Ale

  • Faultline Kölsch
    German-Style Kölsch/Köln-Style Kölsch
    4.70% abv.

  • Faultline Pale Ale
    Classic English-Style Pale Ale
    5.10% abv.

  • Faultline Pilsner
    Bohemian-Style Pilsener

  • Faultline Porter
    Robust Porter

  • Faultline Stout
    Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout