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Surly's Destination Brewery, Beer Garden & Restaurant
Bar/Tasting RoomBeer GardenRestaurant
520 Malcolm Avenue SE
Minneapolis MN 55414
Telephone: +1 763-999-4040
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 3:00pm-9:00pm, Friday 3:00pm-11:00pm, Saturday 11:00am-11:00pm, Sunday 10am-3pm.

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Visited: February 1, 2020

Opened: 2014

Contributors: Ralph Wells, Siegfried Binge

Updated: January 14, 2022


Beer List

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    5.10% abv.
    • Date: October 26, 2020 (#10369)
      Package: canned
      Place: Trader Joe's Maple Grove, Maple Grove MN
      Score: 17 points
      Appearance (3)
      Golden. Dense head.
      Aroma (3)
      Bready. Honey. Mildly floral.
      Mouthfeel (9)
      Light and fizzy. Mild bready malt behind a surprising grassy hop bitterness. Finishes clean and hoppy.
      Overall Impression (2)
      I did not expect that.

  • 9.00% abv.
    • Date: February 20, 2017 (#9701)
      Package: draught
      Place: Cask Republic, Omaha NE
      Score: 17½ points
      Appearance (3)
      Golden. Dense head.
      Aroma (3½)
      Citrus and tropical fruit.
      Mouthfeel (9)
      Medium-big body, smooth. Big spicy, apricot hop flavor. Medium-high bitterness. Sweet clean malt background. Warming in the finish. Curry.
      Overall Impression (2)
      "Oatmeal Double IPA".

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    Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout
    12.00% abv.
    • Date: March 12, 2021 (#10456)
      Package: bottled
      Place: Place unknown
      Score: 20 points
      Appearance (3)
      Black. Dense brown head.
      Aroma (4)
      Dark chocolate. Raisins. Coffee. Vanilla.
      Mouthfeel (10)
      Massive in body and in flavor. Perfectly smooth. Richly malty, nicely roasty. Oak and mild whiskey throughout. A little coconut, a little more vanilla. Sweet without being sticky. Warming without being hot. Dark fruit in the finish.
      Overall Impression (3)
      Great stuff. Aged in rye whiskey barrels. Thanks to KJ Harnack for the bottle!

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    Specialty Beer
    6.50% abv.
    • Date: April 24, 2016 (#9577)
      Package: canned
      Place: Place unknown
      Score: 16½ points
      Appearance (3)
      Bright golden. Dense head.
      Aroma (3)
      Fruity, spicy. Peppery, bready.
      Mouthfeel (8)
      Light and fizzy. Sweetly malty, with a big apricot note. Low bitterness. Clean, fruity, biscuity finish.
      Overall Impression (2½)

  • Sweet Stout or Cream Stout
    5.50% abv.

  • Darkness 2018
    Imperial Stout
    12.00% abv.

  • Darkness 2019
    Imperial Stout
    12.00% abv.

  • Liquid Stardust Sparkling IPA
    American-Style India Pale Ale
    7.00% abv.

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    Over Rated!
    American-Style India Pale Ale

  • Pentagram
    American-Style Sour Ale

  • Scrillionaire Dark Lager
    Baltic-Style Porter
    8.00% abv.

  • Unbridled Brett IPA
    American-Belgo-Style Ale

  • Warp Zone
    German-Style Pilsener
    5.20% abv.

  • Xtra-citra Pale Ale
    American-Style Pale Ale
    4.50% abv.