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Visited: May 18, 2013

Opened: 2012

Contributor: Siegfried Binge

Updated: October 3, 2023


Beer List

    • Date: May 18, 2013 (#9111)
      Package: draught
      Place: at the brewery
      Score: 15 points
      Appearance (3)
      Bright pale yellow. Thick head.
      Aroma (2½)
      Very mildly toasty.
      Mouthfeel (8)
      Light body, fizzy. Lots of sweet malt flavor, mildly smoky honey note. Very low hop character, very low bitterness. Sweet honey finish.
      Overall Impression (1½)

  • 4.90% abv.
    • Date: May 18, 2013 (#9117)
      Package: draught
      Place: at the brewery
      Score: 13 points
      Appearance (3)
      Black with a bit of garnet. Moderate head.
      Aroma (3)
      Chocolatey, roasty. Malty.
      Mouthfeel (6)
      Medium body, smooth. Butter. Roasted grain. Grassy hops. Butter.
      Overall Impression (1)

  • Click for a better picture (popup)
    Wood- and Barrel-aged Dark Beer
    7.10% abv.
    • Date: October 2, 2023 (#11486)
      Package: canned
      Place: from the brewery
      Score: 16 points
      Appearance (3)
      Very very very dark red. Low fizzy head.
      Aroma (3)
      Lacquered wood. Coconut. Hazelnut.
      Mouthfeel (8)
      Light-medium body, fizzy. Feels thinner than I expected. Dark, nutty malt. Woody, some coconut, more hazelnut. Mild pumpernickel. Not a whole lot of hop character; maybe a little grassy. Finishes nutty and clean.
      Overall Impression (2)
      The squirrel on the label is appropriate. "Barrel-aged forage". Thanks to KJ Harnack for the cans!

  • European-Style Dark/Münchner Dunkel
    • Date: May 18, 2013 (#9113)
      Package: draught
      Place: at the brewery
      Score: 16½ points
      Appearance (3)
      Bright brown. Dense head.
      Aroma (3)
      Toasty, mildly roasty.
      Mouthfeel (8)
      Light body, nicely creamy. Malty, mildly sweet, with a nice toasty note. Very low hop flavor and bitterness. Sweet, dark-toasty finish.
      Overall Impression (2½)

  • South German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier

  • Heidi
    German-Style Heller Bock/Maibock
    7.20% abv.

  • Kristall Hannah
    South German-Style Kristall Weizen/Kristall Weissbier

  • Mamie
    German-Style Schwarzbier
    5.00% abv.

  • Nadia
    Bohemian-Style Pilsener
    5.10% abv.

  • Ruthie
    Münchner-Style Helles