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Cervecería Yucateca
(Grupo Modelo)
Calle 14 No.70, Colonia Chuminópolis
97158 Mérida


Opened: 1900

Closed: 2002

Contributor: Jacob Sjúrður Hansen

Jacob Sjúrður Hansen reports:

"Leon Negra" was one of Yucatecas first brands and for many decades, the brewery relied primarily on that one single brand. "Montejo Cerveza Pilsener" was first brewed in 1960 and was named to honor Francisco de Montejo, the founder of the city of Mérida. The beers were popular in the Yucatan Peninsula, and was generally available noplace else since it was neither exported nor distributed nationally. "León Negra" and "Montejo Pilsener" will continue (for a while anyway), to be produced at the other Modelo plants. Cervecería Yucateca was also called Cervecería Trópica due to it’s location in S.W. Mexico. It was owned by Grupo Modelo, which itself is owned by FEMSA (Fomento Económico Mexicano S.A.) under the name FEMSA Cerveza.

Updated: November 2, 2005

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