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Peak Organic Brewing
Not open to the public (as far as I know)
110 Marginal Way #802
Portland ME 04101
Telephone: +1 207-586-5586
Toll-Free: +1 877-212-1186
Brewer: Jon Cadoux
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Contributors: Siegfried Binge, Ralph Wells

Updated: July 10, 2011

Beer List

  • 8.20% abv.

  • 7.20% abv.
    • Date: June 5, 2012 (#8866)
      Package: canned
      Place: Ridgeview Liquor, Ashwaubenon WI
      Score: 14½ points
      Appearance (3)
      Dark brown opaque. Low head.
      Aroma (3)
      Grassy and black, a bit like RC Cola.
      Mouthfeel (7)
      Light body, smooth. Sweet and mildly roasty. Grassy hop flavor, low bitterness. Finishes clean.
      Overall Impression (1½)
      Tastes good, but there's not a lot there.