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Bull & Bush Pub & Brewery
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4700 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver CO 80246-1819
Telephone: +1 303-759-0333
Hours: Monday-Friday 11:00am-2:00am, Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-2:00am.
Brewer: Gabe Moline
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Visited: April 9, 2014

Opened: 1997

Annual Production: 2,000 bbl

Contributors: Diane Crawford, Matthias Haaben, Ralph Wells, Richard R Tinurelli, Siegfried Binge

Bull and Bush is a very comfortable place, built like an old English pub with low wood-beamed ceilings and a fireplace. It rated a rare second visit during our trip to Denver in October 2000, and two visits during CBC in 2014.

Updated: April 22, 2014


Beer List

    • Date: October 6, 2000 (#3612)
      Package: draught
      Place: at the brewery
      Score: 15 points
      Overall Impression (2½)
      Amber, very slightly darker than Yuel Fuel, moderate head. Mild herbal hop aroma. Thick, malty, woody, warming.

  • English-Style Brown Ale
    • Date: October 6, 2000 (#3609)
      Package: draught
      Place: at the brewery
      Score: 13 points
      Overall Impression (2½)
      Deep red-brown, dense head. Mildly toasty aroma. Mildly malty flavor, diacetyl.

  • Imperial Stout

  • American Lager/Ale or Cream Ale
    • Date: October 6, 2000 (#3602)
      Package: draught
      Place: at the brewery
      Score: 12½ points
      Overall Impression (2½)
      Pale, low carbonation, dense head. Faint hop aroma. Light body, very mild malt flavor, thin, with some diacetyl.

  • German-Style Heller Bock/Maibock

  • German-Style Märzen/Oktoberfest

  • Fyfe's Highland Ale
    Scotch Ale
    7.50% abv.

  • Ghoul Fuel

  • Glendale Pale Ale

  • Governor's Bitter
    Ordinary Bitter
    4.50% abv.

  • Hail Brau Hefeweizen
    South German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier

  • Happy Hop Pilsner
    American-Style Pilsener

  • Hop Karl

  • Hopsmith Pale Ale
    English-Style Pale Mild Ale

  • Ice Cream Clone Stout

  • Kobee Irish Ale
    Irish-Style Red Ale
    6.50% abv.

  • Kolorado Kolsch
    German-Style Kölsch/Köln-Style Kölsch

  • Kölsch
    German-Style Kölsch/Köln-Style Kölsch

  • Legend of the Liquid Brain
    Wood- and Barrel-aged Strong Beer

  • Man Beer
    English-Style India Pale Ale

  • Meister's Brow

  • Minister's Mild
    English-Style Dark Mild Ale
    4.50% abv.

  • No Coast IPA

  • Old House 80

  • Paas Bier

  • Patio's Vat Dunkelweiss
    South German-Style Dunkel Weizen/Weissbier

  • Pimp My Rye
    Other Strong Beer

  • Portsmouth Pale
    American-Style Pale Ale

  • Red Dawn

  • Red Eye Espresso Stout
    Coffee Flavored Beer

  • Release the Hounds Barley Wine
    Aged Beer

  • Royal Arms IPA
    American-Style India Pale Ale

  • Royal Oil

  • Saison de Suitcase
    French & Belgian-Style Saison

  • Schwarz Roggentag Stout
    Specialty Beer

  • Snarky Devil
    Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale
    10.00% abv.

  • Stier Stolz Premium Lager

  • Stonehenge Stout
    Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout

  • Tank Town Brown Ale
    Other Strong Beer

  • The Big Hurt

  • The Justice IPA

  • The Legend of the Liquid Brain
    Imperial Stout

  • The Mind's Eye P.A.
    American-Style Ice Lager

  • The Tower ESB
    English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter

  • Turnip the Beets
    Garden (Vegetable) Beer

  • VSB

  • VSP

  • Woody Pils
    Wood- and Barrel-aged Beer

  • Yuel Fuel
    Barley Wine-Style Ale