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BT McClintic Beer Company
136 West Grand Avenue #245
Beloit WI 53511


Opened: 1996

Closed: 2001

Annual Production: 2,000 bbl

Contributor: Corey Pittelkow

Updated: August 12, 2001

Beer List

    • Date: September 28, 1996 (#1789)
      Package: bottled
      Score: 12½ points
      Overall Impression (2½)
      Amber-brown. Brown aroma, hint of bananas! Thin, brown flavor.

    • Date: February 19, 2000 (#3387)
      Package: draught
      Place: Manitowoc Beer Lover's Brew Fest, Manitowoc WI
      Score: 14½ points
      Overall Impression (3)
      Golden, cloudy, thick head. Smells perfumey, sulfury. Thick, sweet, malty, alcoholic. Finishes sweet and bready.